“Spirit West is brilliant at facilitating a fun and painless way to get great minds to work together without us competing for air time.”

You’ve set some ambitious goals for your department or the entire company. You are just not sure how to re-organize your business, your people, roles, responsibilities and information flow to make sure your company is wired for speed and performance.Cogs Head  Exchange

You need a solution that uses your team’s best ideas and fast-tracks them into a plan that allows everyone to buy in. Resistance, information withholding, too many competing priorities, endless debates that don’t result in decisive action and ‘to-do’ list overload are what blocks change.

Use this process for:

  1. Integrating new hires onto your existing team so that everyone knows each other’s strengths and accept their own and others’ challenges.
  2. Building solutions for complex or chronic problems.
  3. Uncovering what worked and what didn’t, why and what to do next to learn from a project that went well, or had a few hiccups along the way.
  4. Product development, product maturity maps, customer service integration.
  5. Organizational structure changes.
  6. Growth strategies for lead generation, marketing plans, sales meetings, corporate strategy.
  7. Cross-Departmental process improvement.
  8. Vision, mission, critical success factors, goals and action plans.
  9. Re-organization of departments, companies, systems to allow for scaling up.
  10. Find and Embed Company Secret Sauce by identifying what makes customers come back for more and what sends them away.

Strategic Planning

Our methods, based on Disney’s Compression Planning System for strategic planning and facilitation, allow your team to work in a collaborative way that frees everyone from these growth blockers.

As we are business growth and organizational change expertstoo, we facilitate in a way that provides insight into the problem you are trying to solve. We add value to every meeting, helping you to see what might work, what might get in the way and pointing out impacts you might not have been aware of.

You will have a clear desired end result. Understand the critical success factors to get there. Know the impacts of the decisions before you make them. Learn the methods to turn decisions into organizational projects and fit them into a logical priority list in a way that minimizes overload. Help everyone work to their strengths.

Vision and Goals

How we get started:

1. Let’s talk about what you want to be able to do after this strategic planning event that you can’t do now. What works and what doesn’t with your team when you get together for meetings. Time frame: 1-2 hour meeting with key stakeholders.

2. Event Design and proposal. We refine it until you approve it.

3. Event facilitation. Time frame: It depends on the team, the topic and the venue. Generally it takes 4-16 hours of concentrated focus for a team to frame the problem correctly, brainstorm solutions, narrow down into options, and select the best. Depending on the solution, it may take another 8-16 hours to turn that option into a project with actions, responsibilities, roles and dates.

4. Post-event project development: so the plan can be executed without overwhelming already taxed schedules. Time frame: It depends on how well the team understands organizational change and can integrate managing a project into their full time responsibilities. We are often engaged to manage the project for the team while they perform some of the roles.

Let’s talk about how to get your re-organization plan started. Call 604-306-7707 or



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EndeavorIQ – unleashing your financial potential. Video based learning on strategies to increase profitability.

  • What is your business worth ? Use this calculator from Money and Fortune Magazine to determine your company’s possible value. What’s a multiple ? Read up on the basics of valuation.
  • How to Think About Succession Planning Succession planning is something every business owner must face at some point in the life cycle of their business. It’s a process that can be complex and one that all too many business owners tend to put off until it’s imminent.

Podcast #1: Why Don’t My People Manage ?

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Podcast #2: Want to Grow Your Company ? Learn How to Build High Powered Management Teams

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I was tired of doing all the big picture thinking myself. My staff didn’t know how to look out for the business the way an entrepreneur does. Now they do. My job is so much easier.”

Our coaches have the tools and the in depth awareness to spot what’s blocking your leadership and managers’ performance. We can demystify what’s causing pain, why and show you how to change your game to get traction, even with the toughest personalities and the thorniest issues.wearing many hats

Yes, hearing the tough stuff doesn’t feel good in the beginning. But when you start to see change around you almost immediately, the pain is soon forgotten.

Here’s what we offer as part of our coaching programs.

  • Assessments – It’s time to really understand what each of your team members strength actually is and then to learn how to work with the innate talent and strengths you have on your team. Stop putting square pegs in round holes and expecting more.
  • One-on-One Coaching – Learn to work to strengths and minimize blind spots.
  • Team Coaching – Work on the process of being a team while working on the issues and decisions the business needs to address.
  • High Performance – Attend to the way people work together to resolve differences once and for all. People Power Profit only when they can talk about the stuff that gets in the way of productivity, performance and profitability.

Dealing with Difficult People: Ever run into these situations?

  • You know there is something more you can do for your client….but how do you introduce it?  You don’t want to be pushy, or stick your nose in, or jeopardize your relationship and risk losing the client….and yet….Break free from your business
  • You notice the strong personalities work to their agenda which may or may not be in alignment for what the company really needs. They are great at their job but also difficult to manage. And having an affect on others you don’t like. What should you really be saying?
  • At meetings, your team gives updates, but not insights. New ideas are shot down fast so no one ventures anything new or innovative. You don’t want to settle for that status quo. Learn how to break through the pattern by making it ok to make suggestions by changing how you run your meetings.
  • You want a decision, but the discussion goes round and round. Everyone gives their ideas and yet hours go by and there never seems to be any consensus. Productivity is paralyzed. You need your team to learn to call a “trial close”.
  • Your business partner loves to do things a certain way. And it grates on your nerves. The impacts of his or her actions reverberate through the business. How do you get your partner to see the effects and make changes? It starts with changing what you are willing to discuss with your partner… and getting the help to say it so you are heard effectively.

If you’ve had any of these thoughts or are dealing with frustrating people, there is something you don’t know about the art of initiating the difficult conversation.  The key is “Don’t make it about you.”  If you’re not sure what that means or how that works, and know it’s easier said than done, you want to talk to Rob.  As a hospital chaplain, consultant, mediator, negotiator and as an executive coach he has had many years of experience in initiating the difficult conversation. Call 604-377-4307.

Is Your Business Ready to Sell?If you’re reading this, you’re ready to stop waiting for better performance and start making it happen.  If you’re ready to make changes in the way you are leading and managing because you keep getting results you don’t like, then its time for a change.

Bringing on experts to help you get there is the right next step. Take a page from the elite athletes of the world. If you want a return on the people you have hired, the right coach gets you and them to minimize blind spots and keep the eye on the prize.

Getting that independent perspective can unlock years of frustration to get everyone back on the fast track.

Learn about what CEOs have to say about the impact of having a Spirit West coach. Read more here.

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