Forget Getting Your Ducks In a Row. You Need Competent Strategies That Change The Right Things

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​ Visualizing and analyzing formal and informal relationships in your organization can help you shape business strategy that maximizes organic exchange of information, thereby helping your business become more sustainable and effective.

Are your people working with you or against you?

We’ll give you the answer right here so you can decide if reading this post is worth your time.

Key takeaways

Reductionist hierarchical management techniques no longer work because organizations are too large for any one person to make all the decisions. The military and Ford motor company use a new management style where your team operates as a network with a shared consciousness and every member is empowered to execute.

We’ve all heard the empty and meaningless debate about whether leaders are born or trained.

You want a profitable company. Therefore you need a culture that knows how to become a “go to” company.

Why Systems, Structures & Reporting Should Be Your New BFF This Year


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