When you’re working with a firm like ours, it’s important to know what guides our thinking, communication and solutions so you know whether we’ll have chemistry working together. You also want to know if we have the right tools for the job.

So take a quick glance through this list to discover what we pay attention to and how our principles inform our approach to assignments. Read the ones that are important to you.

Growth Means Change
Want more growth? Be ready to stretch your comfort zone. It’s the attitude and willingness of the owner and the team to break habits, processes, systems, communication and behaviour, that break dry spells. Our tools show you how to stretch, not just what to change.

It’s Never Just One Thing
or one person that causes problems. Problems are often systemic and hard to see when people are blaming each other. We use a facilitated series of questions that get at the heart of issues within the system, without naming names, helping everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

Communication vs Comprehension
We all like to talk. Some of us like to listen. Most of us don’t stop long enough to truly comprehend what was said. So we make assumptions to fill in the gaps. These build into expectations that when not met, cause irritation and all kinds of poor results. We show you how to stop this game in its tracks.

Diagnostics vs Evidence
Data is a great way to find evidence of problems and as they say, numbers don’t lie. Data is not superb at uncovering why there are problems. For that we use our experience. We have yet to meet a problem we haven’t seen before. In addition to data, we use our red flag/green light diagnostic system along with deep questions to discover that all important “why”.

Decision making vs Pros & Cons
Weighing pros and cons often leads to confusion as everyone wants to be right about their position. The best decisions are arrived at when you and the team agree on your desired end result. Knowing the end in mind shapes your priorities. When everyone knows why and where you’re going, you can trust them with more decisions. Then your organization is more fluid, agile, and responsive.

Best Practices vs What Works
You may have heard that some method or best practice is the right way to do something. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ prescription in business. There is the right solution for the real problem that drives you toward your desired end result. The answers lay within you and your team. We add our expertise to facilitate finding this direction. That’s all we offer.

Always, to the level that works for you and your people.