Spirit West Management - About Us

Welcome to Spirit West Management, Ltd

We help companies grow to the next level, find & fix profitability leaks, unravel partner/people disputes & guide owners how to get a saleable asset.

Spirit West Management has been working with owners wanting growth, less frustration and more satisfaction since 1990. We’ve had the privilege of working with clients across the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. From helping engineering firms become more profitable to selling to strategic buyers to driving growth for a grocery chain, to forging alliances for software companies with some of the top dogs in the industry to restoring family and management harmony inside a booming commercial contracting firm, we work with owners who care about their people and business performance. Our clients want change. They are sick and tired of hitting growth ceilings, working in a ‘pass-the-buck’ culture and having to always do more with less while wondering how to keep the pipeline filled. We haven’t met a complaint we couldn’t fix. By ‘fix’ we mean help management see the root cause, get a team together to resolve it and find a way to make money off the solution. That’s why we tell our clients “give us your complaints and we’ll show you how to find the gold inside.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Ready to sell your company to new investors or employees? (Click Here)
  • Want to start acquiring other companies? (Click Here)
  • Want to grow your company to the next level? (Click Here)
  • Frustrated with Difficult People or Situations hampering company growth? (Click Here)

What Makes Us Different?

We have:

  • A proven methodology for corporate growth;
  • A ‘how to’ change toolbox which helps leaders and managers navigate the stormy seas of change;
  • A team that works alongside each client to help implement strategies;
  • A holistic focus on the whole company, not just ‘problems’.

To Grow, Means to Change:

  • Most companies get stuck at a plateau – revenue is increasing but profit margin is shrinking; markets and customer needs change but the product offering stays the same.
  • The world is changing so your organization has to constantly change to continue to stay relevant.
  • Changing how you lead, manage, operate and act in the market is the beginning of the path to growth.

How we do this is what sets us apart from other consultants. You don’t need to be told what to do, you need help in how to do it. You need to know:

  • How to get your employees to be self-responsible in helping make changes happen and stick.
  • You want to elevate your brand and be recognized for what you do best.
  • You want to know you are creating value for clients, employees, and your future.

We know how to help you effectively achieve all this.

In the mergers and acquisitions world, we also serve as part of the advisory team to help get a company ‘investor ready’, or an acquiring company plan and execute the acquisition integration. Our network of advisors includes investment bankers, accounting firms, lenders, tax and law firms all skilled at dealing with private equity investors and strategic buyers.

Our Management Team