Forget Getting Your Ducks In a Row. You Need Competent Strategies That Change The Right Things

Is it Time to Replace You in Your Company?

Despite the fact that Michael Gerber wrote the “E-Myth” some 25 years ago, many business owners today still don’t know the difference between working “IN” their business and working “ON” their business.

Warren Bennis Said Leadership is Doing the Right Things – Is Marissa Mayer Right or Wrong?

Want Real Growth in Your Company? It’s About How You Lead. And Sigh. And Learn. And Change.

Are You Stepping on Business Legal Landmines?

What’s Your Lawyer Done for Your Business Lately?

Are You Betting On Banking A Big Pay Out When You’re Ready To Sell Your Business?

If you own a business today, how do you want to get a return on your investment?

Disappointed in Your Last Hires?

A Successful Business is a Direct Result of Your Ability to Detect and Attract Star Performers

What is it Like to Sell Your Business?

It’s the Ride of Your Life, and More.

Are You a Trusted Advisor to Business Owners?
Calling all Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Managers, and Business Consultants: Are You Missing Out on Big Opportunity?
What is Your Company Worth?

A Crash Course in Valuing Your Business

Business Valuation Quizzes

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You will be gone through step-by-step evaluation process that will discover both strong and weak sides of your business. In such a way you will have a second opinion, fresh look at the current situation and as a consequence you will be able to take necessary actions if you think those are good points to apply.

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Is your Company Saleable?


Every business owner should know if their biggest asset is saleable. Learn inside tips to improve your odds and test yourself.

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