Forget Getting Your Ducks In a Row. You Need Competent Strategies That Change The Right Things

Got a Family? Got a Family Business?

If you own the family business and your children work for you OR you work in the family business and your parents are still involved, you need to read this tale to get the benefit of this son’s trials and tribulations.

A Lawyer’s Advice To A Business Owner

Not everyone loves lawyers.

Top 5 Reasons it’s hard to sell your company and how Tom Cruise can help – Part 1

This is part 1 of a series on why 90% of businesses don’t find buyers when they try to sell and what you can do in your company to be part of the 10% that actually exit rich. Which exit path are you on?

Are Women Business Owners Going To Get Better Returns?

If you own a company today, you own a lottery ticket. It has far more rewarding odds than buying the 6/49 or Lotto. Why? Because the business owner has total control on when and how that business can be converted into a winning ticket.

Profit Leaks: Can Your Business Race Like Dario Franchitti in the Indy?

I know what keeps business owners up at night. It’s that slow silent steady drip of cash leaking away from the bank account each month. Your company may have profit leaks. Leaks show up in the places you are not looking.

5 Steps to Reinvigorate Your Brand For Better Profitability (And Saleability!)

How do you build a company that everyone wants to invest in?

Will Jennifer Aniston Ever Get a Ring on it? How to look at a Letter of Intent when selling your business

Many of the terms used in discussing a deal can be confusing for business owners. In this blog we demystify “Dealmaker Speak” with an article or two every month.

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