Forget Getting Your Ducks In a Row. You Need Competent Strategies That Change The Right Things

Think Your Company is Ready for Growth?

Many companies stumble into growth because they win a big contract, or suddenly get distribution or big new wave of customers.

3 Ways Your Decisions Drive Business Culture and Therefore Profits

You want a profitable company. Therefore you need a culture that knows how to become a “go to” company.

How Well Do You Make Decisions for Your Business?

Our clients know that our secret sauce in helping them grow and make sure they own a saleable company when it’s time to exit, is that we focus on eliminating thinking and decision habits that keep delivering the same mediocre results.

There a few things you need to know about me before you read this blog. This post is for business owners of all kinds. The people that power our economy. That’s right. I care about you.

Want Business Growth? Dump What You Believe About Making Money

Our blog posts on growth are the most read articles on Spirit West’s website.

Are You Missing This Key Ingredient in Your Company?

David Horsager in his new book, The Trust Edge, just out from Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, says:

Three Business Owner MindsetsThat Squish Growth

Ever noticed that what you think about, you get more of? Worried you won’t find a parking spot in time to get to your appointment. Sure enough, you arrive late. You were right.

Do You Trust Your Sales Team to Get the Results You Want in Your Business? 5 Tips That Build Trust

My post last week on Trust being the bottom line currency of business brought a flurry of comments and even more questions.

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