Can You Trust Your Team to Run Your Business? You Need To, For Growth or Sale

High Performance Teams

What is a high performance team? Imagine a team that knows how to run the business without you standing over them. Imagine they are able to make smart, well thought out decisions that have a good impact on the bottom line and people. Imagine meetings where the right information is shared so that you are advancing the company agenda.

If you look at the employees you have hired, are they spending their time on strategic or tactical activities? Working well with their counterparts in other departments or squaring off against them? Can you go away for six weeks and know the place doesn’t just hum, it accelerates?

There are questions CEOs and team leaders need to reflect on to evaluate:

  1. How well does my team support my company agenda?
  2. How effective are we as a team - do I trust them? Do I delegate? Do I hold them capable and competent? Do I need to control them? Do I suspect how they spend their time? Are they leaders or managers? Do I let them lead?

Answering these questions might not be easy. But the more you allow yourself to see how your people really communicate and interact with you and each other, the easier it is see how well you and your team perform together…  and make the changes so they want to be high performing as much as you want them to be.

Do you want a high performing team? Read more to discover what that could mean in your business so you know if it’s worth investing in.

I was at the Gallup Leadership Summit in Washington DC a few years ago. The guys that train officers at the US Military Academy were telling us about their hard won lessons learned about leadership.


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