Are You Missing This Key Ingredient in Your Company?

Are You Missing This Key Ingredient in Your Company?

David Horsager in his new book, The Trust Edge, just out from Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, says:

“Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life. In a climate of trust, people are more creative, motivated, productive, and willing to sacrifice for the team. What happens when a business gains the trust edge? Every aspect of business becomes more profitable.”

How do you know if your employees trust you? Trust each other? Here are some leading indicators that tell you you might be missing some key profitability drivers. Can you definitively say yes to each of these statements:

  1. Information is shared across departments in a timely manner. Accounting gets what it needs when it needs it so it can deliver meaningful interpretations of the numbers to you, the owner.
  2. You hear what you need to hear, when you need to hear it because your counsel is needed. You don’t hear about who did what to whom and are asked to referee the dispute or fix the problem.
  3. When you notice people have put in extra effort, you acknowledge them and talk about what they did that you found valuable, helpful, insightful or beneficial to you and the company. Extra points if your managers share their observations with you.


When your people trust each other, its like having money in the bank. Work gets done, favours get traded and the people that grease the wheels of activity in your business feel powerful and eager to participate.

Ask these questions of the people you trust in your business. What perspectives do they have? Do you agree or disagree?

Want to change any of these situations? Schedule a free 30 minute coaching session to see if we can shed some light on some actions you can take to get back the trust.

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