Sharp Tools Lead to Sharp Business Results

Sharp Tools Lead to Sharp Business Results

Leadership is an overused phrase.  Yet if you own a business, leadership should be your sharpest tool in your kit.

What does it mean to lead exactly?

Given that much of a company’s success hinges on how  the leader is communicating, Business in Vancouver interviewed some of the region’s top high growth company leaders. They have found insightful words of wisdom. Each is a lesson in itself and a great reminder about what it takes to make a group of people go with you on the ride.

Jean Pierre LeBlanc / Saje Natural Wellness: “If you hire in your own image you are creating redundancy”.

Juggy Sihota / Telus: “a person [needs] the ability to solicit feedback, act upon it and implement it.”

Yuri Fulmer / FDC Capital Partners: “the minute I screw something up, I always look for where the price to be paid is. I don’t dodge it; I don’t shirk it; I don’t ask, how am I going to get out of it? I have to make it right somehow”

Cynthia Roney / Executive Passage: “Failure is temporary. It’s a point of reference that is temporary until you take corrective action.”

Barry Sharp / AMA Management: “try to use change…to tweak your strategic direction rather than just fill a hole”

Sue Paish / LifeLabs: “Very few successful leaders do much on their own. If delegation is not part of your leadership DNA, your organization will miss opportunities.”

Catherine Osler /TEC Canada: “the ability to imagine what has never existed and the courage to take the actions that will create that new future have never been more necessary”

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