Can Old Dogs be Taught New Tricks?

Can Old Dogs be Taught New Tricks?

Is this old adage still accurate? If you’re over 50 and own a business, are you stuck with the way things are, doomed to another year of more of the same?

Or can you change how you think and the habits that keep you locked into a fraction of the potential you have in your little pinky? You can if you think you can. Or not if you don’t want to anymore. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, then change your mind.

Well the truth is out. Old dogs will learn new tricks, if they want to. Making the choice to change is the first step in rooting out habits that get in our way.

If you want more or different from what you had last year, consider the latest research from the field of brain science. Noted coach and author, Carla Rieger says “Many people make decisions when they are very young that can become a looping script in your unconscious mind. For example, lifestyle habits; how you plan; how you communicate. Then you just run on autopilot the rest of your life until you reprogram your unconscious. You can delete and install programs on your computer, well, you can do the same with your unconscious mind…”

Here are three red flags that tell you whether you unconscious mind is keeping you set up for more of the same. Look back over last year for:

  1. CONFLICT The same conflicts erupting between you and your management team or partners. You talk, but it never seems to get sorted out.
  2. LACK OF RESULTS You have the same wishes on your list this year that you had on your list at the start of last year. They haven’t materialized … yet.
  3. NEGATIVE INNER CHATTER You think more often about what you don’t want, don’t like, irritations, frustrations, problems, and pet peeves than you do thinking about what you do want. You spend your time fighting fires rather than talking about and implementing strategies for change.

If you want help in how to re-pattern your scripts, check out Carla Rieger’s very powerful online program for manifesting your 2013 goals once and for all.  It’s The 30 Day Challenge for Turning Bad Habits into Good Ones starting on January 18, 2013. Only 10 spots available so check it out soon.

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