Its a Big Decision – Are you Prepared the Day Your Company Changes Hands?

Its a Big Decision – Are you Prepared the Day Your Company Changes Hands?

You’ve spent years building your organization looking forward to this day with perhaps a mix of dread, relief, joy and uncertainty. If you are thinking that its time to sell, then you should do three things first before making your decision:

  • Learn to look at your company from the investor’s perspective. Would you invest in it today? What future growth can you guarantee?
  • Get professional advisory assistance to assess what needs cleaning up if you want to realize a good return in the deal. Not sure who to call? We maintain relationships with M&A specialists in accounting, law, family estates, tax and investment banking.
  • Understand what different kinds of investors look for and what they are willing to pay. We can put you in touch with a valuation specialist.

To find out, schedule an appointment to review Spirit West’s Maximize Your Company’s Worth Checklist to see how your company stacks up.

Call 206-395-3530 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Know what you need to do to get the best valuation, before your plans for the future change suddenly. It can take 2-3 years to make the transition to be ready for investment.

For referrals to advisory specialists please call 604-983-0252

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