Ready for more growth?

Ready for more growth?

Then you have to be ready for change

Whether you want to get ready to sell or want to expand, growth is required. What’s the fastest way to grow? Have a company where the systems are in place to deal with every aspect of business from lead generation through to delivery, follow up and repeat business. How do you know if you are ready for growth?

  • When something goes wrong, your people know that the problem indicates there is something wrong with the system not the guy down the hall. Then they get together with all involved to work out a better process.
  • Your management team can uniformly describe in one sentence what problem you solve for customers. (Ask your top five people and listen carefully to what they say). If not, your company doesn’t meet customer expectations.
  • You have entered more than one market and grown your sales each time. If not, how do you know there is a market for what you do elsewhere?
  • Your gross margin is steady, stable and increasing each year. If not, you don’t know how to keep the company profitable enough to fund growth.

Not there yet? We can help… but you have to be willing to make some significant changes.

Two out of four occurring? There is room for improvement. What do you want to deal with first?

Three out of four? Let’s resolve that one issue and work on the growth plan together.

Call 604-983-0252 to discuss growth goals.

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