Difficult People and Situations Case Studies

Difficult People and Situations Case Studies

Frustrated with how some people are getting the job done? Don’t like how your people aren’t taking responsibility? Tired of the infighting, cliques or attitudes within and between departments?

As owners, your attitude sets the tone. Most of us don’t realize what attitude we are projecting on to others that results in a sea of conflict. The bad news is, that these situations exist for a reason. The good news is, you can do something about it. By changing how you view people, how you lead people and how you set performance goals, you would be surprised quickly the company culture, and therefore productivity and profitability starts to improve.

Got conflict? That’s the symptom. Read the case studies to understand the root cause and the effect that trying to weed out the conflict can have if you don’t address the real problems.

Conflict often means you are missing systems and processes needed to affect communications hand offs between departments: when people are in conflict, they stop talking. The customer’s message (what they hoped they were buying from you) gets lost in the communication chain through the company. Unsatisfied customers don’t tend to buy again.

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Difficult People & Situations Case Studies

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