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Regardless of what stage you are at in your business career, your business should be in a ‘saleable’ condition at all times. Buyers are on the hunt for saleable businesses. Think like a technology entrepreneur: sell on the way up! Don’t make the same mistake many business owners do today by trying to sell the company on its way down.

If you’re in business, you NEED How to Increase the Value of Your Business BEFORE You Sell… and Make It More Profitable Now! It shows you how to do it RIGHT – so you don’t spin your wheels and waste more time NOT getting what you want and need. This book cuts right to the chase, providing you with all the tools you need to navigate the confusing distractions and competing priorities of daily operations, so you can unlock the rich rewards by becoming predictably profitable and then saleable. What will that do for your business and your family…now and in the future?

In How to Increase the Value of Your Business BEFORE You Sell… and Make It More Profitable Now! past president of the Association for Corporate Growth ACG Vancouver and business growth expert Lorraine McGregor shows you how to:

  • Develop answers to 5 critical questions that will determine your financial future so you can feel secure and certain you will have the lifestyle you really want now and in the future.
  • Help You Understand What Your Company is Worth Today so you can decide how much value you want to generate to meet your financial goals. (That tells you how long it will take, so you can set up an achievable plan and schedule.)
  • Get your partners and stakeholders on the same page despite your varying time horizons, goals and value to the business. This strategy puts you on the right track to get the future you all want despite fears it isn’t possible because of differences.
  • Discover what causes profit leaks and how to generate solutions that actually make your business easier to run (and more profitable now).
  • How to get started building a blueprint to get the return on your investment in your business you really deserve, whether selling is a year or ten years away.

Get started understanding how to turn your business into a valuable, saleable asset now.

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