Before You Schedule Your Next Strategic Planning Retreat, You May Want a New Game Plan

Strategic Planning

On every Main street in every town and out around the fringes of those towns sit the products of creative, entrepreneurially tenacious people.

Are there two recessions going on out there? The one in the external world of uncontrollable variables and the one going in the conversations in your organization? Or is one a recession and one actually an opportunity?

Our clients know that our secret sauce in helping them grow and make sure they own a saleable company when it’s time to exit, is that we focus on eliminating thinking and decision habits that keep delivering the same mediocre results.

The old adage says “Work on Your Business, Not in Your Business”. How do you stay strategic, finding and removing barriers to growth?

There a few things you need to know about me before you read this blog. This post is for business owners of all kinds. The people that power our economy. That’s right. I care about you.

Without Feeling Like You’re Carrying the World On Your Shoulders

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, your spouse, kids or best friend and they say with a sad or confused look on their face, “How did we get here?”

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You will be gone through step-by-step evaluation process that will discover both strong and weak sides of your business. In such a way you will have a second opinion, fresh look at the current situation and as a consequence you will be able to take necessary actions if you think those are good points to apply.

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