Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

What’s Happening in the M&A Market in 2013?

What did you talk about around the dinner table this past Christmas? Maybe you sat around the festive table and talked about exiting your business this year.

And the Succession Survey Says: Business Owners Missing Critical Advice

Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Managers, Insurance agents, Consultants… this is for you.

Is it Time to Replace You in Your Company?

Despite the fact that Michael Gerber wrote the “E-Myth” some 25 years ago, many business owners today still don’t know the difference between working “IN” their business and working “ON” their business.

Are You Stepping on Business Legal Landmines?

What’s Your Lawyer Done for Your Business Lately?

Author and Exit Strategist Lorraine McGregor’s Radio Interview with Kerri Salls of Exit This Way

Lorraine McGregor was interviewed about how to make a business saleable on the URBusiness Network by Kerri Salls of Exit this Way.

Are You a Trusted Advisor to Business Owners?
Calling all Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Managers, and Business Consultants: Are You Missing Out on Big Opportunity?

Wealth Managers Starting To Recognize the Challenges of Helping their Business Owner Clients Exit

I frequently talk to wealth managers who provide an array of services to business owners. They often say they provide ‘succession’ planning, but from what I can see, that discussion has more to do with tax and estate planning than ensuring a  business will actually find a buyer.

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