Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

What’s Keeping You In Your Business?

I was having lunch the other day with an M&A Lawyer and and M&A advisor who sells businesses with EBITDA greater than $5 million. We were comparing notes about why business owners, especially the successful owners, are so reluctant to talk about exiting their business one day.

Are You A ‘Sell Out’ If You Sell Your Business?

When it’s time, will you sell your company? How about when it’s not your time, but it’s the buyer’s time to buy a company just like yours? Will you pull the trigger and sign on the bottom line?

Does Your Spouse Own a Business? Thinking They Will Sell It One Day? Think Again. It’s Not Going to Happen Without Your Words of Wisdom

Do you know that in survey after survey, the spouse of the business owner is the most sought after source of wisdom in their inner circle. You are the person they most like to talk over their issues about the business. You have influence and power. Your words have weight, whether you get acknowledgement for that or not.

Do You Advise Business Owners? You Need To Know This For Their Sake and Yours

Over on one of the LinkedIn Groups I’m part of, there is a debate going on about who should lead the charge to help business owners with their exits.

Attention Wealth Managers: Business Owners Clients? You Need to Know This

Did you know that 90% of business owners fail when attempting to sell their companies?

National Post and Financial Post Tell Business Owners It’s Time to Become Saleable

I am always shocked when I speak to a group of business owners about how to increase the value of their companies before they sell, at the reaction I get when I reveal to them the following statistics:

Got Family in the Business? 8 Ways to Escape From Becoming Just Another Family Business Statistic
The truth is many businesses have family members working inside the company. Does that make the company a ‘family business’?

4 Crucial First Steps to Take if You’re Ready to Sell Your Business

I spoke to a group of Investors and their investee companies this week.

Attention Business Owners: Why a Succession Plan isn’t Enough if You Want a Return on Your Investment

Lately, I’ve been asked how we know what we know about making a business saleable. It’s not a well-known concept. But when we describe that it is all about making a company attractive to the next owner and transferrable, the idea makes logical sense.

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