Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

Exit, Acquisitions & Succession

This is part 1 of a series on why 90% of businesses don’t find buyers when they try to sell and what you can do in your company to be part of the 10% that actually exit rich. Which exit path are you on?

When you started your company, how did you intend to get your return on your investment?

Many of the terms used in discussing a deal can be confusing for business owners. In this blog we demystify “Dealmaker Speak” with an article or two every month.

Victoria Wells at the Financial Post noted that BMO Harris Private Banking did a survey of business owners in Canada.  They asked if they had done a succession plan. 89% of owners in Canada have not.

Are you a business owner? Do you have employees? If you do, and you have a product, service and marketplace that’s growing, you might be able to sell your company one day.

What did you talk about around the dinner table this past Christmas? Maybe you sat around the festive table and talked about exiting your business this year.

I imagine you and your family’s intention is to preserve your wealth and make sure you have a successful transition to the next in line.

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