Timely Information Flow Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business


What is workflow? Your company is an interdependent set of systems that must all interconnect in order for customer expectations to be met. Workflow is how the sales person translates what the customer wants to the order department, the manufacturing floor, or the service providers and then back through accounting, invoicing and customer service.

When these departments are at odds with each other, people don’t get the information they need to take the next steps in the sequence at the right time. And so the next person in the chain suffers and may even be blamed by their downstream person.

Workflow design is the process of mapping out how things work today and then uncovering all the complaints that demonstrate where the breakdowns are in the current process.

When you can hear the complaints about WHAT the problems are, not WHO is to blame, you can build solutions and a new workflow map appears that meets all expectations for information at the right time and the right place.

Systems like interdepartmental workflow and information flow mapping take the strain off your employees and improve productivity and performance. If you have conflict, complaints and line up at your door to make decisions that others should be making, you have workflow problems.

When you can predict performance because of well thought out workflow, better profits, higher performance and real growth is the likely outcome… and a happier workplace.

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