A Lawyer’s Advice To A Business Owner

A Lawyer’s Advice To A Business Owner

Not everyone loves lawyers.

But lawyers who look out for your best interests are worth their weight in gold. And their hourly rate.

Business owners often don’t get to hear the truth of their situation. For instance, who in the company is going to go tell the boss, “hey, its time for you to pay attention to your future and ours. What are you going to do the day you get too tired to run this place?”

And unless an owner has a business partner who is suddenly facing challenging times ( or conflicts with you ), figuring out how the owner is going to get a return out of the blood, sweat and tears invested so it becomes gold in their bank account doesn’t happen.

What’s your lawyer talking to you about? Here’s some good advice from Michelle Bomberger of Equinox Business Law and Dave Shapiro of Excell Puget Sound.

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