Can You See Around the Corner into the Future of Your Business? Tom Cruise didn’t see his future coming. Will you?

When I was a kid, the Jetsons cartoon was what the future looked like. I’m still waiting for my jetpack and the car that whisks me around like a helicopter. I guess the future isn’t here yet. Or is it?

Imagine your company is the maker of typewriters. It’s 1980. What would you wish you had done differently that year as you saw word processing computers arrive into offices surrounded by your typewriters. What decisions would you do over?

Imagine your company produces newspapers. It’s 2001. As the owner of this group of newspapers, what new vision would you have challenged your management team to develop as you saw people scan the Internet to find out what is going on in the world.

Imagine your company produces clothing, appliances, books, eyewear, home entertainment systems, photographic materials, smart phones, automobiles, computers, food, or information for the Internet or supplies any of these types of businesses. Its 2012.

As the owner of these businesses, what steps do you need to take this year to challenge yourself and your management team to be ready with the right innovation for your industry?

It’s 2102. The future is already here. Watch this like the future of your business depended on it.

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