Top 5 Important Decisions All Business Owners Need to Make

Top 5 Important Decisions All Business Owners Need to Make

On every Main street in every town and out around the fringes of those towns sit the products of creative, entrepreneurially tenacious people.

I also think of those companies like treadmills at the gym. You run and run and run. And then when you’re done, you hit the speed reduction arrow or the stop button. And then you step off feeling the endorphin rush and reward for exercising your body.

Contrast that piece of machinery with a business. You can push the start button on your business. But there is no stop button.

And unfortunately, the down arrow key often kicks in without the runner noticing. And then suddenly, when you need that stop button and you want that endorphin rush to reward you for all you have done, there is no activating mechanism.

Unless you install that button yourself.

Own a business?

What do you plan to do with it:

  • Once you want to do something else? or
  • Something happens to you? or
  • You decide you want a return on your investment? or
  • Life throws you a curve ball and you need to sell?

When you have not installed the stop button, you have no choices. You don’t have a mechanism to deal with any of these circumstances. And worse, there is no reward at the finish line. That’s a lousy safety net.

No stop button, no choices, no reward. In short, this is no future any business owner would want.

Yet that’s the future coming to millions of creative, entrepreneurially tenacious people who own the backbone of our economy.

Most business owners don’t know they need to install a stop button mechanism into their companies.

How do you install it? Start making choices. Before Life makes them for you.

  1. Recognize you are at a Fork in the Road. Decide whether you will continue status quo with your Lifestyle Company knowing full well you will close it one day as it is not a saleable asset. Or, choose to learn how to transform your company into a Wealth Creation Asset. That’s a saleable business, meaning it is attractive to a buyer willing to pay you your reward for building it.
  2. Select an exit date.
  3. Select the value you want your company to be worth.
  4. Define the legacy you want to leave.
  5. Commit to making the changes in your company that make it saleable.

To learn more about how to make these choices so that you don’t step in any potholes (there are several) along the way, go to Then to get your free video training, enter your name and email. Your first video on how to think through the exit date will be delivered to you immediately.

Wishing you a saleable company. For everyone’s sake.

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