Is Your Business Saleable?

Is Your Business Saleable?

Every business owner should know if their biggest asset is saleable. Learn inside tips to improve your odds.

But would a potential buyer of your company see how they would make money too, post sale? Would your company add value to their organization?

That’s the question you need to know the answer to long before the year you decide to exit. You need this answer even if you’re going to sell to employees.

Even if you want to buy out your partner.

Even if you want to sell to family members.

And especially if you are counting on the proceeds of this sale to fund your next act in life.

Answer the following questions to get a health check on how saleable your company is. As soon as you submit your answers, you’ll receive your results in a private and confidential report by return email. As an added bonus, we will also describe what you need to do next, inside your business, to become saleable.

So you win in two ways – you discover how saleable your company is AND you get crucial, million dollar insights into what buyers’ look for that you won’t find anywhere else.

Should you bother with this quiz even if you think your exit date is far in the future? We think so. Here’s why:

  1. A recent in-house survey by a major investment bank shows that 90% of business owners fail to sell their companies three years after attempting to find a buyer. You need to learn why because chances are, you have the same problems in your company that causing millions of business owners to lose out on planned exit windfalls.
  2. It takes 2-4 years to build in the changes that make a company saleable. You can’t exit the year you suddenly feel like it.
  3. When its right for you to sell your company may not be moment your ideal acquirer is looking to buy. You can’t just use your personal interests as your lone indicator.
  4. A saleable company is easier to run and more profitable for the owner long before the exit date. Less stress, more returns.

When you finish the quiz and hit submit, your results will be tabulated. Within 24 hours, your Quiz Results Report will be sent via email to the email address you provided. Inside your report, you will learn how your business stacks up.  Armed with this health check we reveal what’s needed to drive your business forward. We describe not just ‘what to do’, but ‘how to’ implement the latest tips and techniques we use today, with our clients. Your complimentary report is yours to keep and use inside your business. Rest assured, we won’t call you to follow up. We believe that if you want something more, you’ll call when you’re ready. 

This quiz will take about 10 minutes. Think about how you currently run your business. On a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 means “This is currently part of how we do business”, 3 means “We do this, but inconsistently”, and 1 means “We’re not currently doing this”, answer each question to the best of your knowledge.

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