“Loraine and Rob McGregor have been a valuable resource to my team. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise have allowed our organization to move forward in many positive ways.
Our General Managers shared some very positive feedback regarding the personal coaching along with the training they received at our annual strategic planning retreat. In particular they were able to walk away from the retreat with a tangible skill they could apply immediately in their work; “the triangle of conflict training.”

Lorraine helped me take the task of strategic planning and make it into a practical and free flowing process which enabled me to lay out my blueprint to grow our Seniors Housing portfolio. Additionally, Rob most recently successfully coached me through a very difficult personal situation and one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make while taking my MBA. I would not hesitate to recommend Spirit West for Strategic Planning or Professional Coaching/Training to any organization.”

– Greg C
Director Business Development, Property Development Industry

“I’ve just completed selling my business. How I wish I had found “How to Increase the Value of Your Business BEFORE You Sell… and Make it More Profitable Now!” I would be in a lot different position than I am now. How come advisors don’t tell you this while they are busy preparing the financial statements and the legal documents for the sale? That’s what I want to know!!”

– J. Broom
Former CEO

“Often when you read a “how-to” book, you are cognizant there is so much more the author is intending to communicate yet the “how-to steps” are not provided. You feel like you’ve been handed a full-color glossy photo of a gorgeous home and told you are expected to go build it from the photo alone. This is not the case with this text. Being a past client of Rob & Lorraine MacGregor I felt like I had special insight into their written words as I read their book. The concepts neatly written in sentences throughout the book meant so much more to me since I had the immense privilege of being taught and coached by the authors the very nitty-gritty behavioural adjustments required to achieve their book’s written concepts. The coaching put the “meat on the bones” so to speak . After reading their published book, I could now appreciate the big picture of what it takes to have a successful business defined by my values, needs and desires. I was also intrigued to realize the coaching track I was on would help me not only to make by business as profitable as it can be, it would also be the same steps I would need to take to maximize my return if or when I decide to sell my business one day. This book is a must-read and their coaching far exceeds any professional track I have ever been on. Warning! Only read the book if you desire to rise to your given potential!”

– C. Esther De Wolde
CGA Chief Executive Officer, Phantom Mfg. (Int’l) Ltd.

“We choose to start working with Rob and Lorraine after getting a strong recommendation from close friend. I really value the wealth of experience that they bring to the table from leadership to strategy to how to turn our company into a valuable asset.

Working with Rob has really impacted my business as well as personal relationships by helping me understand myself better.

My business partner and I have worked together for 22 years and after only a few sessions with Rob I learned a lot about him that I’d never knew. Exposing your entire team to the techniques that Rob teaches will bring your working relationships to a new level.

Working with Rob and Lorraine has opened my eyes to many new possibilities. We are finally growing our company in a way I’d always hoped but didn’t know how to get to.

– Terry H
CTO Enterprise Software Industry

“There are hundreds of great books and programs about building a business. But none about preparing your business for sale… until now. Fast Track Secrets for Making Your Business Saleable gives you a clear blueprint and step-by-step plan of action for preparing and selling your business without losing your shirt (or your mind) in the process. A must have for any business owner planning to sell their business. Don’t go to the bargaining table without it.”

– Kevin McArdle
President McArdle Companies, Inc

“Having owned several businesses over the years, I always wondered why I couldn’t get more out of them while I owned them or when I sold them. The value was always there, I just didn’t know how to maximize it. Thanks to the McGregors, now I do.”

– James Richardson
President, J2 Investments

“I have had the good fortune to work with Lorraine since 2010. I have developed and grown as a leader and as a person in our time together. The Spirit West Management approach was to help me gain a better insight into myself (strengths, weaknesses, and personality preferences), to understand my personal and professional goals, then to work together to help me achieve my goals.

Spirit West Management combined their unique set of powerful tools with their relationship and coaching skills to change my approach and mindset from that of a manager to that of a leader. As a result, I have developed an entirely new set of skills that allows me to be an influential leader to my team and the board to which I report.

My relationships are more meaningful, my time is impactful, my team is more engaged, and my organization is more cohesive around the issues rather than the drama. These are the results of the time Lorraine has invested with me. Thank you, Lorraine, for taking the time to learn about me, and helping me to become a better leader (and person) than I was before.”

– Randy Webster
General Manager Medical Services Clinics

Before I met Rob, I couldn’t wait to get out of the office at 4:30. None of our people seemed to be able to make decisions or think through the impacts of the  decisions they were making. I would tell them what to do and spend hours in what I thought was training them, and nothing would change. I found out   from Rob that my approach was causing me a lot of stress. It took awhile for me to see it, but now I know how to mentor our people and make the change stick. Their decisions are way better which is what turned around our profitability.

–  Paul R

Vice President , $38 million services company