Lots of $ Looking for Acquisitions, Not Enough Businesses Ready to Sell

Lots of $ Looking for Acquisitions, Not Enough Businesses Ready to Sell

There is a growing storm in the private market:

Private equity has $2 trillion to be invested globally in privately held businesses, says Bain & Company. But much of this money has to be invested by 2013 or they risk having to return it.

Private equity is bemoaning the lack of quality deals (read, businesses that match their acquisition criteria).

But most business owners don’t know they need to make their companies saleable to attract any of that money.

And this disconnect between buyers and sellers will continue without any intervention and education of the market place.

That’s why we wrote the book “Fast-Track Secrets for Making Your Business Saleable” so that business owners don’t lose out on the opportunity to sell when they want for what they want.

Again the statistics (2010 Survey by Mid-Market Capital) show that only 10% of business owners are actually completing their transactions. What are the remaining 90% going to do?

Makes you wonder about the future health of our cities and towns, our economy and the pension system. If a business owner can’t sell his or her company, what will they live on in retirement?

This is an issue that affects everyone. How do you think we should get the message out there so business owners take action soon?

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