Are Women Business Owners Going To Get Better Returns?

Are Women Business Owners Going To Get Better Returns?

If you own a company today, you own a lottery ticket. It has far more rewarding odds than buying the 6/49 or Lotto. Why? Because the business owner has total control on when and how that business can be converted into a winning ticket.

There is one catch however.

In order to make the conversion, a business owner has to make their company SALEABLE. Given the odds today that only 10% of businesses are ever successful in their attempts to sell, you would think that business owners would be eager to find out how to get into that 10% pool.

Especially when there is more money today (trillions of dollars) searching for great acquisition targets than at anytime in history.

The owner that is successful converting a business into a winning lottery ticket knows how to detach from their identity as a company, how to listen, take advice, and lead some critical changes in their business.

But here’s the thing. Who is better at listening, letting go and leading change? Is it the boomer man or the boomer woman?

From our experience, we see women batting it out of the park.

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