In A Business Partnership? 3 Secrets That Make It Rock

In A Business Partnership? 3 Secrets That Make It Rock
And What To Do If Your Business Partnership Is On The Rocks

Great News! Did you know that people that grow a business with a partner tend to be far more financially successful?

According to a 2008 study by the IRS and Small Business Administration, average revenues for partnerships grew 157% while sole proprietors sank by 7% over a thirty year period.

So if you’re in a business with a partner, congratulations for making a good decision.

Here are 3 more great decisions that will build an even more rewarding and profitable company…

Oh, wait… you’re in a business partnership but all is not rosy, productive or rewarding?

That’s the other big truth about business partnerships… they can be frustrating, stressful and soul-destroying when you feel controlled by your partner… endless turbulence.

Whether they do too much… too little… the wrong thing… or try and be the hero on every decision, you two have to live with the fallout, day in and day out. Watch this video to discover the hidden and eye-opening truth about how and why partnerships cause friction and the questions that help you decide to stay in it or get out.

Even if you both work through it most of the time, all the time spent processing, challenging and debating can suck the life out of you some days.

SECRET 1 – Sick of Arguing? Use This Strategy To Stop…

If you hate the constant arguing part of partnerships, the video will help you discover how to stop.

It’s sounds counter intuitive, but you actually need to gain power WITH your partner, not fight for control OVER, or be controlled BY your partner. Neither role is fun or productive on the receiving end. Trying to control someone is where the crazy making stuff starts…

You need to stop playing the control game and start getting in the driver’s seat in a way that doesn’t start the crazy making all over again…

That’s the secret strategy you’ll get when you tune in for the training.

While you’re waiting for the webinar, consider adopting either of the following 2 secrets might make life even better for you both:

SECRET #2 Does One Partner Have To Trump The Other? Try This Instead…

If you’ve got a good shareholder agreement, your lawyer would have made one of you the 49% owner and the other the 51% owner. This split is essential so that the business never is at risk in a stalemate.

So if it’s so good for partners, why does managing a business get so hard under this ‘majority rules’ situation?

49/51 is useful for a shareholder agreement. But it doesn’t have to be the way you decide to lead a business. Change your perspective, change your life.

Are you in the 49% spot? Ask yourself if you feel controlled by your partner, at every turn where you have a difference of opinion. Do you see your partner listening to your concerns and ideas in a way that works?

If you’re in the 51% spot, you probably feel the burden of making the right decision, because you believe it’s all on your shoulders. Do you see your partner understanding what it’s like to be in your position?

Neither position feels like much of a ‘partnership’ does it? Where’s the fairness, the collaboration, the coming together of great minds to build something that really makes a difference?

If you don’t want to continue running your company this way with this constant fall-out and recovery, and you want more power, profits and real control, then adopt these 2 steps:

1. Promote Yourselves to the Board

As shareholders, you are actually the board of directors. Your job is to decide what direction and vision you want the company to take. You then hand the goals and expectations over to the company president to implement.

Dump your functional role hat for this exercise…

Working together as board members, brainstorm your vision, and goals. Then brainstorm the skill set your ideal leader should have to grow your company to the next level. Do either of you have that full skill set?

Would you win the job in an interview? As board members your responsibility is to make the right choice to pick a leader who can realize these goals, and then hold him or her accountable.

Decide’s what’s more important: one of you as the president; or you as the co-owners of a profitable company.

2. Learn the Art of The Hassle-Free Conversation

If you can’t have that kind of discussion described above without haggling and blame, then get this free video and answer 10 questions about your partnership that reveals the true source of your friction, so that you can talk about what really matters.

To remove the hassle, you have to stop hoping your partner will see the light.

Waiting kills partnerships and your investment in your business. Instead, make this training video your first move.

You’ll discover exactly how to stop playing the control game which means your partner can’t play anymore either… even if he or she doesn’t watch the video.

SECRET #3 Not Feeling Appreciated? Start This Diet…

Do you feel your partner watches every move you make? Do you make a mental note when your partner fails in your eyes. Do you love to point out each other’s mistakes, ‘say I told you so’ or roll your eyes at each other’s ideas?

All these dynamics make one of you feel incapable and incompetent and the other feel like they have to be the work police. It doesn’t feel good in either case. Maybe you play these roles occasionally, maybe it’s grown to be the norm.

Did you know that when you hear or feel criticism, your brain shuts down… When you feel overwhelmed and you mutter ‘why bother’, it’s a sign your brain has taken a vacation.

When you watch over someone, measuring every move, all you’re conveying is your distrust, which is perceived as criticism.

No trust, no performance.

This is the crazy making hamster wheel: you have both become reaction machines.

So if you want a partner with a fully engaged brain, it’s time to go on an appreciation diet. It’s called the 5/2… the same as the other diet where you eat 500 calories 2 days of the week and eat normally the rest of the week.

In the appreciation diet, you notice and express your appreciation, admiration, thanks and acknowledgement for everything your partner does… on two days of the week. Go back to normal on the other days.

That’s right you’re training yourself to have a new appetite for seeing what’s good, not what’s wrong with your partner… and letting him or her know in a genuinely appreciative tone of voice.

So if you are sick and tired of arguing with your business partner and you want more control, more power and more stress-relief, without putting your business at risk, try these 3 secrets, and watch the video so you can get back in the driver’s seat.

Got other tips that worked in your partnership? Share them in the comments section.

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