How to Know Whether You Are a Powerful Leader or Need to Challenge Yourself

How to Know Whether You Are a Powerful Leader or Need to Challenge Yourself

We’ve all heard the empty and meaningless debate about whether leaders are born or trained.

That is a no-win, no-insight argument that people hide behind.

Leadership is a choice and a responsibility.

Leadership is about speaking up in a way that moves people to appropriate action

We become better leaders by becoming more aware and more present about the effect our words and behaviour have on the people around us.

The choices we make can inspire or crush action.

Our word choices and conversations can slice through confusion or layer on the drama that keeps everyone in a no-win situation.

We lead our companies.

We lead in our friendships.

We lead at home with our families.

What we say has power and influence. But what kind of influence?

Look at each of your life situations. If you’re mood, attitude and leadership style was contagious, would you want your employees to catch it? Your family?

We also lead with our silence. When we don’t speak up, we all suffer the consequences.

If you are a man and want to have more power and influence as a leader, watch this Ted Talk like your future depends on it.

If you are a parent to children, watch this Ted Talk because it is your duty to raise your kids with a new awareness so they have the skills to lead themselves.

If you are a woman, and want to have more power and influence, watch this Ted Talk so that you can be the role model to follow.

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