How Social Media can power up your B2B marketing

How Social Media can power up your B2B marketing

Great article today in Canada’s National Post by Jacquelyn Cyr of Espresso Brand Agency. One of the big ways to stand out from the competition is to educate your customers and prospects about various ways to use your product, or add tips to make their business run better or provide expert opinion on issues that your business clients struggle with. Social Media is the perfect platform for these short and sweet but deep insights.

What kind of results can you expect? Depends on the strategy you select and the consistency that you deliver. Expect the unexpected. More name recognition, means you are better able to attract new employees. Better lead generation because people trust you to deliver value, not just say you do. You’ll be the first company on their mind because they hear from you regularly.

Want to power up your 2012? Work with a strategist to make sure the efforts you put into social media pay off. You want to be of influence in your target market, not just the guy who sends out the goofy you tube videos.

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