Is it your time to sell your business?

Is it your time to sell your business?

According to John Warrilow of the Globe and Mail there are seven reasons you should sell out now because we are at the fork in the road in the economy. Warrilow makes some good pitches that all business owners should consider in evaluating whether this is the right time to sell the business. However he misses one mega problem. John suggests that an owner should consider selling his or her business if any of his seven reasons hit close to home. But most business owners who may want to sell, won’t be able to even if they resonate with Warrilow’s suggestions for selling. Why? The owners didn’t take the time to make their companies saleable, attractive to buyers. It takes two to four years to make a business saleable. That’s little secret is not broadcast to owners in any meaningful way. Now that would be something that the Globe and Mail should write about to educate the 3.2 million business owners looking at grey hair in the mirror and the ticking economy affecting their future. Find out not only what to do but how to make your business saleable by ordering an advanced copy of “Fast Track Secrets for Making Your Business Saleable” from Amazon.

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