Ready to Expand Your Company Through Acquisition?

Ready to Expand Your Company Through Acquisition?

How do you know your company and your management team are ready to take on the operations of another entity?

  • There is a clear reason for the acquisition strategically, financially, geographically and operationally. You have a purpose and a plan to expand your market, gain distribution, achieve competitive advantage and offer a more complete solution for your target market.
  • You have an acquisition integration plan.
  • Your people understand how to manage change, and people really well.
  • Your focus will be to take the best of your company’s processes and the acquired company’s processes and build a better larger company all around.
  • You know where the hot points are for losing value in the first six months post-acquisition and have a plan to manage through or avoid these pot holes.

Not sure you’ve got the foundation for an acquisition in place? Spirit West has the experience to work with your team… but you have to be willing to make some significant changes. We have tools to guide you through how to manage acquisitions and more importantly, select the right acquisition in the due diligence phase.

Call 604-983-0252 to discuss your acquisition ambitions so your deals get done well and for the right reasons.

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