Dealing with Difficult People or Situations

Dealing with Difficult People or Situations

Difficult people are often the canary in the coal mine.

Difficult people, cliques, inter-deparmental fighting, and ‘strong personalities’ running around are all symptoms of:

  • A systems breakdown or an indication there is a need for a system or process and your people can’t have the kind of discussion needed to develop something useful for all involved.
  • An inability to manage without being the ‘bad guy’, the victim or the hero. There is another way.
  • A strong personality influencing others means there may be a need for new role and responsibility definitions. People need boundaries and leadership to hold the boundary steady.
  • A lack of clear vision. What are you trying to achieve as a company? Does everyone know and do they know how you intend to get there and what role they play in making that vision reality?
  • A chronic interpersonal situation where resentment has built up to the point where conversation is possible. Time for an intervention.

Any of these situations ringing a bell? We can help… but you have to be willing to make some significant changes. We have tools to help people in each of these situations learn how to change. When they change, so does your productivity and performance.

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