Software Tech Case Studies

Software Tech Case Studies

Our CEO, Lorraine Rieger McGregor was formerly Vice President of Marketing for a software development company she co-founded from 1987 – 1990. Back then, software companies were not well understood. Today, the market is changed. Software must fit into a complex group of interrelated products and do something that is unachievable more easily with a different method. Today’s software company has to be high specialized, deeply rooted in niche markets and have big partners in the right places to get a foothold for growth in the market.

Software companies need smart efficient and fast growth strategies. Our philosophy is to get them joint venture partnerships with large companies that will gain market share by adopting their niche solution. Here is a partial selection of the kinds of companies we helped grow. Want to find out how to take your software company to the next level? Call 604-983-0252 to discover your options.

Software Case Studies

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