Want a more profitable business? Make it Saleable: Webinar October 31

Want a more profitable business? Make it Saleable: Webinar October 31

Maybe you know a business owner who has built a valuable asset and hopes to be able to sell it …one day? Please share this fact and an invitation to our next webinar with your friend or client:

90% of businesses owners, despite building successful companies, are failing to find buyers. Why?

    • They are unaware that a company has to be made saleable 2-4 years before the owner wants to exit.

  • They attempt to sell the year that they have to sell… without having done the work inside their company to make it attractive to a next owner.

If you know your friend would much prefer to be in the 10% of owners who are getting competing offers from the $10 trillion in wealth looking for saleable companies, then they need to learn about how to change their future… before it’s too late to make the right changes.

Join us for a webinar:

The Successful Business Owner’s Secret Weapon

3 Strategies That Will Transform Your Financial Future


OCTOBER 31st, 2013

11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Pacific Standard

Presented by: Lorraine McGregor


to attend this enriching 45 Minute Webinar. Attendance is limited to the first 25 who register.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • In our research, it has become clear that the reason 90% of business owners are unable to find a buyer or close their deal is that THEY DID NOT GIVE THEMSELVES 2-4 YEARS TO PREPARE FOR THE SALE.
  • How 10% of business owners are increasing the value of their companies (even in this economy!) using these 3 transformational strategies.
  • What to do and when to do it so that you and your family have certainty that your financial future will be taken care of by the value you have built inside your company.

Who should attend:

  • Business partners who have employees.
  • Single owner businesses that have employees.
  • Family businesses that have employees.
  • Business owners counting on using the proceeds of the sale of their business to fund their family’s future and their next act.
  • Business partners who have conflicting interests regarding the future of the business.
  • Owners who want to make sure the value of the asset they have built doesn’t melt away.
  • If you make products, distribute products, provide solutions or sell projects, services, hours or products, you need to know how business owners are cutting themselves off from millions. Then you can start doing what successful owners are to get the financial certainty you really want (and need!).

11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight time

Click on the link below to register. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive log-in information and reminders prior to the event.

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