Forget Getting Your Ducks In a Row. You Need Competent Strategies That Change The Right Things

How to Manage Non-Managing Managers

When Do You Mentor, When Do You Fire?

Author and Exit Strategist Lorraine McGregor’s Radio Interview with Kerri Salls of Exit This Way

Lorraine McGregor was interviewed about how to make a business saleable on the URBusiness Network by Kerri Salls of Exit this Way.

Where Does Your Day Take You?

Hopefully Toward Your Top 3 Strategic Priorities

Wealth Managers Starting To Recognize the Challenges of Helping their Business Owner Clients Exit

I frequently talk to wealth managers who provide an array of services to business owners. They often say they provide ‘succession’ planning, but from what I can see, that discussion has more to do with tax and estate planning than ensuring a  business will actually find a buyer.

And the Succession Survey Says: Business Owners Missing Critical Advice

Lawyers, Accountants, Wealth Managers, Insurance agents, Consultants… this is for you.

Will Your Company Be in Demand When You’re Ready to Exit?: Only if Your Company is in Saleable Condition

I was at an ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) luncheon a few months ago. That’s the professional association of deal makers, – all the advisors that help buyers find the perfect seller and transact the deal. I used to be the President of the Vancouver chapter.

Lorraine McGregor Speaking at Abbotsford Executive Association on Thursday May 30th 2013

Lorraine McGregor, co-author of “Fast-Track Secrets for Making Your Business Saleable” will be speaking at the Abbotsford Executive Association on Thursday May 30th, 2013.

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