What do we mean by the word “Value” with respect to your business?

Value Enhancement

What do we mean by the word “Value” with respect to your business? Stand in the shoes of an investor looking at whether to acquire your company. Investors search for value inside your business that will reliably grow the company forward in the future.

Who is the chief investor in your business?

It’s you and your fellow partners, shareholders or family members that have built the business. This fact is often a bit of surprise to owners. As the number one investor, you may want to broaden your understanding of the term ‘value enhancement’ so that you can evaluate how to create a better return for your shareholders.

Value enhancement solutions should be one of your strategic objectives each year. Finding ways to increase the perceived value to an outside investor means your business will be attractive to lenders, investors or acquirers. And that will pay off for you every single time.

We have a simple but profound diagnostic that will help you see your company from the perspective of an investor. The process of uncovering your Red Flags and highlight your Green Lights is very educational and illuminating for an owner.

Our diagnostic covers everything from the way your company processes invoices to how people are managed. The purpose is to uncover the Red Flags that make profitability, productivity, and performance challenging. All the same things an investor wants to ‘flag’ in their due diligence before acquiring a company.

When you know what your Red Flags are, you can do something about them. Our solutions cover every Red Flag we’ve ever seen. We rank them in terms of priorities so that you work on one or two changes at a time that deliver the most bottom line value.

Our clients often find the company is easier to manage and more enjoyable to lead, after working through this Value Enhancement exercise.

And what about those Green Lights? Those are the X-Factors you already have in place that prove your business is competitive, successful and effective at earning a return on investment. The more Red Flags you can turn into Green Lights, the higher the perceived and real value of your firm.

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