You need stable building blocks in place before pushing growth so you can earn real profits

“You need stable building blocks in place before pushing growth so you can earn real profits. Is your foundation sound?”

Every company wants growth… ok some owners are happy where things are and don’t want to rock the boat. But every company has to keep adjusting to stay relevant in the market place… which makes change inevitable. You want manageable growth.

Unplanned growth is an exciting ride that can drain cash reserves before the windfall arrives. There can be profit on the financial statements and no cash in the bank. There are so many levers that have to be pulled to accommodate growth. Which levers, how much pull, how much push, when, what, how and who are complex questions that are best explored in discussion so that impacts are revealed and costs (opportunity and financial) assessed. The best decisions, the ones that help you sleep at night, are made after robust and realistic exploration.

How we work with your business leaders or just you. It starts with a conversation:

  • Discovering your concerns and interests. Where do you want to grow? What’s holding your back?
  • By asking you key questions, we help you uncover the root issues that contribute to barriers.
  • By the way you describe how your business works, we can spot mis-alignments in thinking, action, communication, and results.
  • We have proven solutions to resolve these problems that engage, educate, and coach your people. That way next time, they can spot the problems, know how to resolve them with engaging processes and everyone buys in to making these changes.
  • We can be as involved or in the background as you need and want.

How we help: Just want a plan and an accountability coaching call? Need help managing the project? Want implementation support along side you and your management team? We give you the support that makes the most sense for your needs.

What we offer: Here are the services that we offer. Each service is part of our cohesive and proven 3 step holistic view on what powers a business forward: People, Business, Performance.


Assessment, Productivity, Leadership when Growing your business

  • Assessments – Uncover what is stalling growth.
  • Productivity – Re-define roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability so everyone is working on the right actions collaboratively across silos.
  • Change Leadership – Inspire the changes that help all departments work in alignment.
  • Management development – Your team might need some new skill sets on how to lead people so that their communication and organization results in followership.


  • Profitability – Find and fix profit leaks to get consistent and growing margins.Business Growth Factors
  • Strategic Planning – Find and amplify the company’s secret sauce.
  • Customer Experience – Remove the hassles that make doing business hard.
  • Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales – Let’s make sure the engine is running on the right cylinders.
  • Systems and Procedures – To scale up to growth, knowledge and progress has to be captured and mentored and distributed so everyone is using the same systems … not their own version.


  • Organizational Performance – Explore how well people and actions are aligned to Business Growth and Trust of Emploeesvision and strategy.
  • People Productivity – Discover if the right people are in the right roles with the right management.
  • Communication – Start talking about what matters and acting on essential priorities.
  • Information Exchange – Each department has a role to play. Sharing the right information, in the right away, in agreed to time frames is what keeps the operational engine humming.
  • Measure What Matters – Set leading indicators to free managers to make their own good decisions. Then evaluate their decisions based on performance.

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