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What’s next on your horizon? Need to make some changes so you get the results you want? We are all about growing companies to meet owner goals.

From Strategic Planning to Team Coaching to Individual Coaching, we provide analysis, guidance, implementation and project management services for your organizational growth goals.

What We Help You AchieveHand with Globe 300 2

Management Development so your team is able to take on more senior responsibilities using critical thinking strategies.

Growing to the next level so you stand out from the competition with more qualified leads, sales, sales teams, conversions, brand, products, solutions, markets.

Scaling Systems to Manage Growth so your people don’t burn out before you’ve captured all the opportunities coming your way.

Getting a Return on Your Investment in Your Business so you can rest assured you have control over your financial future and leave a legacy for employees and stakeholders rather than leaving them in the lurch.

Spirit West Management looks at a business holistically. That means we look top to bottom from people to processes, through departments and management and on to the numbers to help interpret what’s working and what needs to change to resolve the barriers to growth and enhance value.

How we work with you:

  1. Getting to Know You The first meeting is on us. Let’s talk, and find out what is important for you. We will make suggestions and give you at least one high-value strategy you can take back to the office.
  2. Getting Started If you want help with a plan or implementation on anything we have talked about, let’s try a small project. We get it, you have to know you are going to get value for your money and you need to build trust that this is worth it. We start small, and manageable with defined deliverables in a written proposal.

Program Options

Coaching Program Every athlete who has a desire to get to the next level knows they need a coach. We design a package of sessions that fits your budget and goals.

  • Entrepreneurs becoming CEOs,
  • Business Partners dividing up roles,
  • Managers joining the senior team,
  • Executives taking on a big project,
  • New hires integrating into the team.

Our tools show people how to take themselves to the next level of leadership, resolve what get’s in their way and make decisions that put the company’s needs first.

Team Coaching Program Teams are responsible for executing growth plans. If progress isn’t happening, the team falters. We know how to pinpoint what’s getting in their way and work collectively to face the problem to find the best way forward. We don’t waste time, we get effective by meeting twice per month to work on company issues while learning how to work collaboratively to each other’s strengths.

  1. Sales teams love how we reset wayward mindsets and teach ninja negotiation strategies.
  2. Operations teams love our “persistent complaint” process because we know how to fix what’s been a chronic thorn in their side.
  3. Executive leadership teams praise our ability to get everyone aligned to a game plan and start on the right sequence of priorities to get results… and have fun in the process.

Strategic Planning Event We use a process that Disney designed to ensure all ideas become part of the final solution. What you and your team get is a structured facilitated forum that empowers everyone to contribute in a fast and effective way.

Whether you have extroverts who like to dominate meetings or introverts that never speak up or a history of conflict at meetings, our process creates an open and equal opportunity for all in a safe environment.

The end result is a creative and well-thought out solution where everyone is ready to buy in to the plan. We then show the team how to turn this plan into a sequence of events (following the planning event) so it doesn’t become a wasted exercise AND you don’t fall into the ‘everything is a priority’ problem so nothing gets finished.

Our clients use this process for:

  • Integrating new hires onto the existing team.
  • Building solutions for complex problems.
  • Uncovering what worked and what didn’t, why and what to do next.
  • Product development.
  • Organizational structure changes.
  • Growth strategies.
  • Cross-Departmental process improvement.

We have worked more than 100 different industries, so chances are we understand how to get growth and what impedes growth whether you sell products, hours, projects, services or make products & solutions.

Let’s talk about where you want to grow to. Call 604-306-7707.