Is this the right time to sell your business?

Is this the right time to sell your business?

You've probably heard the news - lots of mergers & acquisitions action out there. So is this the right time to sell your business?

Taking this step could be a milestone year in your life if you are a business owner.

Or a massive distraction that ends in bitter disappointment

There is no clear answer, only the answer that is right for you because of the state of your business.

So, yes, the market is ripe. Yes, there might be buyers looking for your type of business.

But the right time to sell is when:

  1. You know you want to turn your company into a saleable asset. And you've done that work. FYI - Most companies are not in saleable shape.
  2. You've set your goals & intentions for what's important to you, your family and what the business needs.
  3. The company is now worth what you want to sell it for, because you made it saleable.
  4. In the process of making it saleable, you've learned how to play the M&A game... before you step on to the field.

Lots of moving parts in this decision. I'll be hosting a webinar next week on how to make this decision so you're doing the right preparation in the right order. Stay tuned.

Join the webinar "When is the ideal time to sell my business?" on Friday April 16th. See you on zoom then.

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