Brand new Economy?

Brand new Economy?

Don’t you wish we could wake up tomorrow to gleaming news on the economy? News so bright and shiny you need your shades just dreaming about the possibilities for your company? Because right now it seems like Groundhogs day redux over and over. Bad news drips on to everything we deal with in life. Where’s the fresh shower to clean it all off? And it doesn’t just smear your daily newspaper or favorite Internet site. The economy’s trail of dirty news blows into your business and mucks with the bottom line. It muddies the minds of your star performers and puts powerful ideas on hold.

Is a brand new economy wishful thinking? Not for some business owners. They’ve stopped listening to the news and that’s as good as shower. “You have to focus on what you do want, not what you don’t want. Then you see the possibilities unfold before you,” says Rob McGregor, a specialist in coaching business owners. Don’t want to hang on hold any longer? You need new indicators to guide your thinking.

What’s good, what’s new, what’s coming?

1. Capital IQ, the market research firm says that the mergers and acquisitions outlook data shows there are a lot of great companies on the market which means great buys for acquirers. Some owners are getting premium offers because they have discovered what it takes to make their business saleable.

2. Mobi Ditto, the new start up that’s transforming main street businesses into mobile marketing machines with their community heros program is racking up new accounts everywhere. Owners are signing on to use their text messaging program to help bring in new clients and give back to charities that help the people and animals of their communities. Their customers use the coupon to try the new business and get their investment back on the first purchase as well as know they are giving to charity. Everyone wins.

3. Success Magazine is pursuing stories of business owners who have made big come backs. The common theme? Every author of a comeback had to write a new chapter in their business strategy manual. Following the pack was not the way out. Innovation, recognizing the truth of the situation and talking to customers brought out the way forward.

What are you doing to separate your self from the muck that slimes the best of intentions? Tell us your story and we will select the best ones to showcase.

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