Are Buyers Searching for Your Business to Acquire?

Are Buyers Searching for Your Business to Acquire?

Stats Show M&A Buying Activity Picking Up … But Acquirers Have Reservations. Turns Out Sellers Do Too. What Will Break This Stand Off?

According to the latest survey from Citizens Commercial Banking, Middle Market Outlook Report what’s the number one worry of business owners when they think about selling their company?

Having it undervalued. “So maybe I shouldn’t sell …?”

What’s the number one worry of buyers when looking to acquire a business?

Making sure it can drive revenue in the future. “We aren’t confident we can find companies to acquire that can get us into the markets we want in a way that will grow revenue for us.”

Solution to both problems?

“Business Owners who want to maximize their return when they sell should become what their ideal buyer is looking for. Then the buyer has no problem acquiring the business for the price the owner wants.”

How do you do that? Your first step is to make this outcome your goal. Your second step is to realize it takes 2-4 years to make the changes buyers look for so you can get the premium you want.

So get started as soon as possible building your Saleability Blueprint… this is your custom road map to fix the red flags in your company that buyers devalue or walk away from and add the green lights that acquirers fight to pay you extra for.

“How to Increase the Value of Your Business Before You Sell… and Make it More Profitable Now!” will put your company on the right path to sell on your terms.

How To Increase the Value of Your Business Before You Sell... and Make it More Profitable Now!

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