• Association for Corporate Growth Where to find investment bankers, growth capital, service advisors to sell your company, get legal advice on a transaction or meet lenders who can provide

EndeavorIQ – unleashing your financial potential. Video based learning on strategies to increase profitability.

  • What is your business worth ? Use this calculator from Money and Fortune Magazine to determine your company’s possible value. What’s a multiple ? Read up on the basics of valuation.
  • How to Think About Succession Planning Succession planning is something every business owner must face at some point in the life cycle of their business. It’s a process that can be complex and one that all too many business owners tend to put off until it’s imminent.

Podcast #1: Why Don’t My People Manage ?

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Podcast #2: Want to Grow Your Company ? Learn How to Build High Powered Management Teams

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Podcast #3: I’ve Got a Board But it’s Become Frustrating to Manage. Now What ?

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